We develop products by your design. Or you can contact us for the design of your shirt, blouse or your company corporate clothes.

Tailor Service is Estonian shirts and light clothes for uniform sewing  factory.
Our main products are focused for mens shirts, kids shirts and ladies blouses.
For production we organize in a good quality fabrics, trims. We use patterns that fit good on the figure.


The quality and accuracy of the clothes have a significant impact on the image of your company.
Our factory will provide you with high-quality sewing of clothes to order.
-We produce medical workwear for use in hospitals, child care facilities, beauty salons, pharmacies
-We produce uniforms for food industry
-We produce shirt and blouses for Office work, for corporate uniform

We also provide MTM service for people of non-standard figures. The patterns of which remain in our computer under your individual name. Therefore, with repeated orders, the clothes will be sewn exactly according to your patterns.


We organize with very high quality embroideries, prints, logotypes.

Also we provide textile labels, washlabels, sizelabels