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Factory Tailor Service OÜ more then 7 years produce clothes with a high quility, best service and good prices.
Tailor Service» OÜ is Estonian sewing production company.
Our main products are focused for mens-, kids shirts and ladies blouses.
Also we produce light clothes for workwear production, for healt care, for food processing industry .
Factory offer a full package of services: creation of design, patterns development, samples production before mass production, big orders production with quick service and high quality.
We offer different kinds of production — CM, CMT, FULL production.
We organize with very high quality embroideries, prints, logotypes, all acsessories and fabrics for production.
Production have all special machines, by wich we produce our products with high quality and with European standarts.


Creation of design

Patterns development

Samples production

Big orders production with quick CM, CMT, FULL services

We organize all acsessories and fabrics for production

We organize with very high quality embroideries, prints, logotypes

Light clothes for workwear

MTM production

Logistic service of ready garments

We use all the necessary and modern equipment for the production of shirts and blouses


Happy Customers