Tailor Service OÜ see on Eesti ettevõtte, mis alustas oma tegevust aastas 2011

Me oleme suure kogemusega päevasärkide ja vormirõivaste tootja Eestis. Kes pakub oma teenust kõrgemal tasemel. Tootadame ja müüme oma tooted kõrge kvaliteediga ja parimate hindadega.



Factory started work with a small team of 10 people.

During the year of the end of 2012 we have increased staff to 20 employees and get more of 10 reliable and regular customers. Also with the supported by EAS factory increased our equipment fleet.

By the end of 2013 – the number of employees is 25 workers

By the end of 2014 – number of employees is 35 workers

Year 2015 – the company employs is more of 37 workers.

The company has more than 15 active clients of the big five countries: Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, England.

Year 2014, Tailor Service OÜ was nominated by EAS as a “BEST ESTONIAN EXPORTER 2014”
On this video you can get a small acquainted with our factory

For the production of dress shirts we use all the necessary and modern equipment. Our equipment is intended for light and medium fabrics. We produce clothes from fabrics before 250g/m2. For our production, we choose the best equipment from reliable suppliers. That allows us to increase production capacity and quality of  shirt production, of uniforms production.


For high-quality dress shirt production plays an important role a fusing press machine with a high pressure

Our factory use OP-60LNII OSHIMA pressure machine. This is a new generation, highly efficient continuous fusing machines especially designed for uncompromising users. The belts width 60 cm. Powerful pressure up to 6kg/cm^2 and the electronic temperature control (up to 230 °C) assure excellent [smooth and durable] join of the fabric with fliselin or interlining. The super cooling system of fused elements stabilizes them immediately and prevents the deformation.

Machine features
Belts width: 60 cm
Heater power of continuous fusing machine: 7.8 kW
Max. pressure: 6 kg/cm2

Our factory offer a full package of services: creation of design, patterns development, samples production before mass production, big and small orders production with quick service and high quality. 

For development of models, designs, patterns, we use the Lectra system. Also we can convert files from Gerber to Lectra and from Lectra to Gerber.

We check every ready product before packing


Therefore we are sure that our custemer receive from us only good quality products.